Hey Warrior,

Do you spend a great deal of your time counting calories, obsessing over exercise, emotionally eating, or going on another diet? ... you're NOT ALONE.

Has this time consuming way of living had a negative impact on your relationships with the people you care about the most… including yourself? … we FEEL YOU.

Would you love to trust yourself again, feel accepting of your body, and clear up your head space, so there’s peace and freedom to think about things other than food? … we SUPPORT YOU


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feel grounded & supported




feel empowered to live life


try a unique approach to recovery

Map My Recovery

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A compassion-focused program that guides you
step-by-step towards freedom from an eating disorder

Recovering from an eating disorder is a deeply personal process - from the realization that something has to change, to the daily routines and support that create the structure for a long-lasting recovery - it looks different for everyone. That's why we created Map My Recovery, a program that's built around you.

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A personalized Journey to freedom

Map my recovery gives you direction, momentum, and accountability

Hello, warrior

I'm so glad you're here

My name is Jessica Flint and I'm the founder of Recovery Warriors and True Warrior. I created Recovery Warriors in 2012 because it was what I would have wanted to have when confronting my own dysfunctional relationship with food and body.

Read...an eating disorder.

After battling with food and my body for most of my life, my breakthrough moment of clarity came from the realization that my eating disorder was getting in the way of truly living my one precious life. 

But the “one size fits all” approach to recovery didn’t work for me. I couldn’t find the holistic, integrated approach that I was looking for. So I had to piece together a number of different modalities, and carve out a system of recovery that was aspirational, exciting, effective, personalized, and didn't assign me a lifetime label.

It worked; it worked so well I continue to use my signature system and recovery essentials to stay strong in recovery and reach all my life goals. I couldn't have built Recovery Warriors and go on to help nearly 3 million warriors connect to empowering resources without the compassionate goal setting framework I teach you in Map My Recovery.

My programs have helped hundreds of warriors create healing paths that are innovative, holistic, and empowering.

Whatever brought you here today, I want to remind you how much courage it takes to even begin to pull at the thread of an eating disorder, in order to begin down a path of self-discovery, awareness, and healing. You are part of a lineage of so many brave warriors that dared to question and dared to change. When we recover our power, we give permission and hope for others to do the same.

Maria Y 🇬🇧

“I honestly can’t believe how quickly Jessica and her programs got me back on track. In an otherwise dreadful year, my recovery literally grew wings and started to fly. My gratitude group is amazing. I have friends for life right there who understand exactly what I’ve been through and who cheer me on when I need it. I can’t thank Jessica and this program enough. The way she helps people recover and stand on their own two feet is incredible. She has changed my life.”

A Quick Overview of the Weekly Themes

Our curriculum and support circle is designed around 6 core themes that are proven to catalyze change, increase resiliency, and inspire an overall optimism for life

week 1: Releasing stories & Identities

week 2: building CONFIDENCE & TRUST

week 3: connecting to your intuition & soul gifts

week 4: imagining life beyond an eating disorder

unpack the past

ground in the present

calibrate your compass

expand your horizons

week 5: plotting your course

create a plan you can stick to

week 6: following your recovery map

live with purpose & Intention

Discover all the places you’re stuck, based on what other people have told you about yourself

Lovingly release traumatic imprints from your family of origin

Let go of what you’re holding onto that doesn’t belong to you and the best version of yourself

No longer feel that you are “letting yourself down” and that you can't trust yourself

Cultivate self-compassion and extend your huge forgiving heart to yourself

Use the special "erasure technique" to wipe away past failures.

Get fully equipped to know your “yes” vs. your “no” so you can make choices out of self-trust

Embrace self-expression, and tap into your authentic creative self 

Feel light and abundant sharing your unique talents and gifts

Finally discover why this method works… and create lasting freedom

Take aligned action in your life without having to hear “You’re going to fail!” “You’re not doing it right!” 

Discover a process to ensure you won’t fail with your new way of living or regress into old behaviors

Set a vision for how you want to live and who you want to be.

Set your intention for what is next in your life and how you're going to make it happen

Discover a newly found self-confidence and hope for life beyond an eating disorder

Move beyond the need to escape and begin to participate in your recovery fully

Find and embrace your true identity and life purpose with curiosity and experimentation

Commit to life without an eating disorder one month at a time

With Map My Recovery You'll Get...

In-depth lessons
Interactive workbooks
Exclusive online workshops
Fun creative activities
Private Support circle (12 months)

Map My recovery includes:

Your mental health, physical health, relationships, spirituality, career, and identity — all of you— matters in recovery. We use visualization, compassionate goal setting, identity work, experiential activities, and accountability from the community to help you create a holistic recovery map that guides you to your optimum life. 


Whether you're totally new to eating disorder recovery, have been testing the waters, or are sailing along steadily - Map My Recovery has been created for you to get the ultimate clarity you need to set goals and become the person that will get you to where you ultimately want to be - fully recovered and free of an eating disorder.

6 weekly themes to align you with your recovery


In our weekly 2 hour calls together we’ll explore the curriculum, I’ll share stories about how I’ve personally used it in my life to heal, and you’ll receive practical tips to apply it to your life right away. You’ll have a chance to ask any questions and be coached live, and you’ll get access to the recordings to listen if you can’t join us live, or if you want to hear it again.

5 live workshops with jessica flint


Everything is digital. Once you register you’ll receive an immediate email with all your program access information, including information on live calls, your private members portal, and our support team’s email so you know who to ask for help if you need any!

Lifetime access to all course materials


Meet new people who are on the same path and know what you're going through. Make friends, get support, and celebrate milestones. Our private, moderated online community (off Facebook) allows you to build meaningful relationships and process your experiences in a place free from judgement, shame, and criticism.

12 MONTH ACCESS TO OUR support circle

Ally 🇺🇸

"I was honestly shocked at how much my life has grown in the last year. I have moved, opened up lines of communication with my husband, and taken several steps forward in recovery. At this time last year, I didn’t believe full recovery was possible. This past year has changed my mind. Full recovery is something I am actively pursuing." 

Plus You'll Receive These Additional Bonuses

Bonus 01.

Self-Compassion training series (Value $147)

Bonus 02.

Boundaries & assertive communication masterclass and workbook (Value $147)

MJ 🇺🇸

"I begun a brilliant journey of self discovery in January with Map My Recovery. Now having done the work inside the support circle ... I am over the hump ... and consider myself fully in recovery. I am focused on being free." 

"I achieved the majority of my goals and intentions I set out with Jessica. I've literally been able to tick 90% of them off. The most striking thing for me, is achieving the central theme of 'Balance.' After so many years of living / struggling through such exhausting waves of extreme behaviors, reaching this point has changed my life immeasurably."

Tilly 🇮🇪

become the hero of
your recovery story

"This support system has been huge with staying on track and has helped me each day growing stronger in recovery! I've learned that support can look different from what you expect. It doesn't have to come from your family or friends or others that you share a home with. This has been an incredible experience!"

Tiffany 🇺🇸

pay in full

Pay in full

1 Payment of

program includes:

Lifetime access to lessons
Interactive workbooks
Exclusive online workshops
Fun creative activities
Support circle (12 months)
BONUS: Self-Compassion Series

payment plan


6 payments of

program includes:

Lifetime access to lessons
Interactive workbooks
Exclusive online workshops
Fun creative activities
Support circle (12 months)
BONUS: Self-Compassion Series





Choose Recovery




Take the next step

I feel like I have made more progress in my recovery than ever before and I can see so many positive changes in my mindset and the way I approach my eating disorder. This is truly the best thing I have ever done for my recovery. I have connected with wonderful, beautiful warriors who are so supportive and kind, and I genuinely feel like we have all helped each other through this.

the best thing I've ever done for my recovery

amelia 🇦🇺

"Not only are the lessons and information helpful but the people that I have met are now my family. The community has been so helpful in my recovery because I have been able to connect to people that understand exactly what I am going through and are able to offer kind and caring support when it is needed. I finally don’t feel alone and I feel like I am well on my way to getting my life back." 

I finally don't feel alone

jeannie 🇺🇸

I not only got what I wanted, but I ended up with a community of people who were more than I expected. Amazing non judgmental support. It was so powerful. Money can’t buy this. 
Every single thing we learned each week tapped into something we can build on or work on. And I was wowed because I’ve never thought about things that way. I was motivated to work towards recovery.

Amazing non judgmental support

Marie 🇺🇸

Yes, Map My Recovery is an online program you can join anytime throughout the year (but not with the live experience and bonuses we're offering now).

If you join now, you also get exclusive access to the Warrior Support Circle for 12 months.

Over the holiday's there will be opportunity for live workshops and discussion groups to go over our maps.

Members have found the community experience to be worth the cost alone because the positivity, encouragement, and support are priceless.

IS map my recovery AN E-COURSE? I DONT' GET IT!

The weekly time commitment depends on how deep you want to dive into the material. There’s enough lessons, activities, conversations, and bonuses inside to keep you busy for up to 5-7 hours per week, but you will still get a lot out of the experience if you dedicate as little as 2 hours per week.

And most importantly, if you have a week or two where you don't get much done, you won't fall behind because the Map My Recovery curriculum is designed for you to pick up at any point.

what is the time commitment?

All components of Map My Recovery are virtual and can be completed from anytime from anywhere in the world. 

The creative workshops will give you the opportunity to join live. However, ALL classes will be available for replay.

Upon enrollment, you will receive access to a password protected online student center and community platform where all your lessons and bonuses will be made available.


No. Map My Recovery is NOT a substitution for seeking professional treatment for mental or physical illnesses or eating disorders.

It’s a wonderful accessory to your treatment team or stands on its own if you're in the later stages of recovery and no longer attend regular appointments. If you're not sure whether you need a higher level of care, reach out to any of the recommended centers on this page for a free assessment.

If you're currently working with a treatment team, we encourage you to stay with them. If you are clinically underweight, are struggling with purging behaviors (vomiting, using laxatives, etc.), are using controlled or illicit substances without the supervision of a doctor, or are in anyway concerned for your physical safety, we urge you to call a licensed mental health professional or physician as soon as possible.

does this replace therapy?

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our hope is that you’re beyond satisfied with the program and naturally, we also expect you to give your very best effort to implementing the lessons and activities. We only want to work with warriors who are fully committed to improving their relationship to food and body. That’s why in order to be eligible for our 7 day Money Back Guarantee, you must submit proof that you watched the videos and completed the handouts and it did not work for you.

If you do the full course work and don’t feel that it worked for you, submit it to our team within 7 days of the program start date and we’ll promptly refund your course fee in full. To be clear, if you do not include your completed coursework before 11:59pm EST on the 7th day after registering for Map My Recovery, no refund will be issued.


You'll have life time access to the Map My Recovery program.

The Warrior Support Circle will stay open to you for 12 months so you can keep moving forward in your recovery together.

HOW LONG DO I HAVE ACCESS TO THE community and student center?

All components of this program are fully virtual and can be completed from anywhere with an internet connection!

Listening to pre-recorded lectures and call recordings is the primary focus of this program—which you can do in your Student Center at any time.

Our live workshops with Jessica Flint will take place through call conferencing platform, Zoom. Only thing you'll need to connect is a stable internet connection to join.

what if I live outside of the usa?

Get an Experience of a Lifetime

Before I joined and embarked on this self-compassion, self-care, self-love journey, you would have never even thought to say I’m an artist. My creativity was born from this experience because I learned how to care for myself and what I needed. And part of what I needed was to be more creative. Learning self-compassion allowed me to experiment, I don’t have to be perfect all the time.

My creativity was born from this experience

errin 🇨🇦

The group brings the best out of me. It’s so nice to be able to see other people grow throughout the course and do this amazing work...if other people can be making so much progress and taking such amazing inspirational steps towards recovery, than I can do that too. I feel empowered that I can keep going. I don't feel alone for the first time. I now have skills for life. I now feel clear what I want from my life and hopeful and empowered to live it. 

I feel empowered that I can keep going 

jennifer 🇬🇧

After going through an intensive outpatient program for binge eating disorder, there was still something missing in my recovery. Jessica has put together such an amazing program. I felt stuck where I was at and didn't know what I needed. Somehow that magical Jessica had just what I needed to get out of my funk and on with recovery. Thank you again for creating such a wonderful space.

just what I needed to get out of my funk 

sarah K. 🇨🇦

 It’s been life-changing. I was ready to dive in and face my limiting beliefs and explore my core values. I was willing to explore and be down there in the murkiness and the darkness. What called me most was the activities and the learning. I love self-growth and self- discovery, it just feeds my soul. Being able to connect with a community of others who are on the same page as me has been so enriching.

I love self-growth, it just feeds my soul

Laura F. 🇺🇸

I felt like I was stuck, I made all this progress, but couldn’t get over this last hurdle of body image and weight restoration. Having people around who get it, doesn’t make me feel as isolated anymore. This gives me permission to prioritize my recovery. I'm no longer driven by fear and judgmental of my recovery. I'm now driven by where I want to be, it's a much more self-compassionate approach.

 I'm no longer driven by fear

emily 🇦🇺

 Before I joined, I was in a stuck place, hopeless, at a tug of war with myself. Now I am feeling a lot more confident with myself, I’m able to say yes to more things. I’m a really shy person and I was really nervous how the community would work and if I would be able to stick with it. I found that it was such a welcoming place. I was able to give and receive help. I think that really brought up my confidence.

 I’m able to say yes to more things

sarah P. 🇨🇦

pay in full

Pay in full

1 Payment of

pROGRAM includes:

Lifetime access to lessons
Interactive workbooks
Exclusive online workshops
Fun creative activities
Support Circle (12 months)
BONUS: Self-Compassion Series

payment plan


6 payments of

program includes:

Lifetime access to lessons
Interactive workbooks
Exclusive online workshops
Fun creative activities
Support Circle (12 months)
BONUS: Self-Compassion Series







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